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  • CSP:

    If the band was in a horror movie, who would be the first to die and who would be the survivor? Why?

  • JEFF:

    David would die first for sure! David is the weak one of the band. But the survivor… I think that would be Pierre or me. It’s between us. We are the most likely to survive in nature, I mean, Chuck doesn’t even know how to cook! Seb is wise, very wise… but I still think that Pierre and I have better chances.

Aaron /Pierre’s tattoist) about Pierre’s tats:

The piece starts out on his rib and depicts a woman who is decorated to be like a sea nymph….or a woman who lives under the sea. She is rising above the water and holding a Conch shell. Above her is a crane flying into the sky. The tattoo then flows down the leg and turns into things that you would see under the water. Mostly it is an octopuss…but on and near the sea floor there are reef fish, a human skull and treasures. Many of these items comtain hidden meanings to Pierre but I wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to relate all that. The bottom line is that is very personal to Pierre and his life story.

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